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  • The Prisma Tarot deck

    In 1974 I started to interpret Tarot with the deck Rider-Waite. Through the years it has been some decks in my hands, like Connolys, Hanson Roberts. I also have worked with Thoth, but the image is essential for me, as it should be for you. With that said, you may not like the pictures on my deck - Prisma Tarot.

    Why did I create a deck? It started back in 1994; then I made my first deck - Crystal Wolf, I had a crystal shop at that time, and Ylva means wolfiness in Latin. Crystal Wolf was also black in the background, had crystals and power animals. And as you might see, I'm not a painter, but I express my images.

    For me, it's essential with colors; the two things in my life that I work most with are Tarot and aura and colors. To be able to combine them with three other items that I like as astrology, power animals, and runes make it a perfect deck for me.

    With my deck, you don't only learn the Tarot; you will also learn the other methods that have a connection. When you get a card, you can read the meaning of the Tarot, but you can also add symbolic from the other subjects.

    I made Prisma Tarot in 2013 and is almost sold out; I recently got my hands on some decks. Since it sold out, I decided to change some in the deck for the next printing. This version is an upgrade of a combination of Crystal Wolf and Prisma Tarot.

    You can follow my creation as a member, which includes a distance workshop for the deck. You will find the meaning of the card, the astrological meaning, for colors from my deck Yiang, for runes and power animals. You get a package of a lot of different spiritual tools, all in one.